Saturday, 10 December 2011

Elites Drama

Can the Elites get it together already?!Geesh somehow these girls are always started drama,and the sad part is that it's with each other.The rulers of the school are being a complete utterly disgrace to all of Aledale. Well somehow the drama is always revolved around Mirabelle. Maybe they're jealous of her shyness and the fact that she doesn't have to practically throw herself at a boy just to get someone. The only desperate boy their that can deal with enough of there bullsh*t is Percy.But that's another topic to talk about soon.;)
Anyways Mirabelle seems like a sweet girl but maybe she puts on a front for everyone.Not sure or maybe the other really are jealous.Either way it goes they are making a democracy of Aledale.

Hey me a favor and get over yourselves?!You guys hide behind your plastic faces and Yves Saint Laurent shoes as if your representing the school with justice.NEWSFLASH your becoming the most hated clique in the school!


Cheer Tryouts..

As you know Chloe whatever her last name is held cheer tryouts on 12/10.11!
Yeah alot of people showed up for a good reason which was to make it on the team and i'm pretty sure they did.While others suffered from "No-rhythmitis".Talk about HORRIBLE!So many people falling and bumping into eachother.It was terrifying seeing all those girl and their scronny little legs fidget and move around. Especially Noelle.I swear that girl fell like 10Million times off of one move!
Obviously all the Elites arent't perfect.Hahaha.
Peace & Love Biotches!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

HPV Jabs.

(with credit to lalalizzie11 on

Monday, 5 December 2011

Mr Matthews, you've been a bad boy..

In Art class people said that he was staring straight at Mrs Honey's bottom, and complimenting her all the time, the list could go along..

Are these two in luuuuuuuurve?

Love is in the Air?

Percy was seen taking Mirabelle over to the Abandonned Log Cabin last week.
And has been stalking her since!
Anyway. Back to the date..
The room had a two seater diner table.. {wonder where he got that from?} with red table cloth across it, a dim light in the centre of the room and a glass with a red rose inside.
These two are both fourteen? Really any need for this fancy pancy stuff now?
Most people who heard of the incident claimed they kissed. A witness who was passing by even saw.

It seems we have many couples forming in aledale.. We've only been here for, what, three weeks?

More news on Juliet..

Aila and Juliet have been seen fighting..! On campus..
Previously it has been said that Juliet punched Aila...
What is wrong with this girl?
She sounds like a complete snob. On crack.

-Anon A. Mouse.

Player to Be?

Juliet Nichols has been seen flirting with other boys after been reported to be dating Rory M. from the boys dorm. Is this girl trouble?
On the other hand, Jorah Rhodes, Rory's best friend has been shunned out of the way to make room for Juliet. Bless.
Juliet was reported having Chris, {another boy from the boys dorm}'s coat around her shoulders last night at the Lights Festival.

Player to be?

-Anon A. Moose